BI & Analytics

Businesses have realized that data need not be a burden or drudgery but actually be used as an asset. In the 21st century, businesses will compete on how they use data rather than simply on what they produce and sell.

Analytics is the enabler that can convert data to assets. However, broad deployment of analytics is not possible until it is transitions from the realm of super-users (experts and consultants) to business users (analysts and managers).

Our Mission is to enable the democratization of advanced analytics. By providing data-analytics based services and solutions to organizations which do not have extensive human or capital resources to utilize the mainstream or traditional offerings in the marketplace today.

It’s What We Do

We offer :

  • Initial Discovery, Assessment, Development and Support
  • Data Warehouse design
  • Data Integration and Cleansing
  • Predictive Analytics – data mining
  • Analytics and Reporting – Create reports and visualizations using the latest technologies in SharePoint, Reporting Services, PerformancePoint, Power Pivot and Power View
  • Pattern Recognition

Our Approach

Our Data Science team will work directly with you to understand the current state of your data, and to determine the best possible way to get the most out of it. Whether you have a specific goal in mind, or just know that you aren’t utilizing your data to its maximum potential, we can help. With industry expertise from manufacturing to retail, we will help you to not only unlock, but to understand how you can gain a competitive advantage with the data that you already have.

Industries We Serve

Alliances and Partners